Wednesday, 16 October 2019

nice and fresh house pool

One tropical day i made a house pool. Intal Anthony came out from his sleep. He jumped into the pool with some food in his hands i said to him “why are you eating in the pool?” he said “im hot and hungry” I said “because you are making a big mess!!!”he didn't listen. He just sat there having a good i said “can i hop in” he said “no you can not you’ll take up all the space in here!!!” so i just walked away 10 minutes later i see Anthony sleeping i wonder,then I gave him a fright then he jumped out.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Secret house

One freezing day I was with my friend Toks.  We were just wandering in the forest. All of a
sudden we saw an invisible old treehouse it had a walkway. 

So me and toks went up the walkway and saw gold and a crown well tok’s dad said “if you
find an old treehouse make sure you don't touch anything”

well toks just touched it anyway then the house tumbelled.

Then toks said “yes I am going to be a king,” I said no to him but he just ignored me. He ran
into the forest he was laughing he echoed, it was getting scary but he came out of nowhere
and said boo, I got a big fright and he finally put it down and all of it went back to normal we
checked in side and it was all the same.

When we came out of the house and it disappeared it could of went to another  country it came
back and a man that lived there gave us some gold to take home.

The next day we came back to the secret house and we knocked on the man's door and the
man said “come in come in” we went inside and it was all different. It had a nice and soft couch
also he had a vaults then it was getting dark then we went home. At 3:00am we went to the
woods and went to see the man we saw the house but no one was in the house. 

We heard laughing in the woods it was getting scary, then we checked the time, it was already
3:00pm.we ran home then told tok”s dad said ''Have you been out all night” then we said ”no
we it was 3:00 am tok’s dad said toks said “ok then it was all a dream."

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

a 93 year old man met his son

A 93 year old South Korean man has just met his 64 year old son for the very first time.
During the Korean War, the man was separated from his pregnant wife and was never able to meet his son, until now, 64 years later.
The Korean War divided many families and recently around 80 elderly South Koreans met their North Korean relatives whom they hadn’t seen in over 60 years.
The reunion was held at a mountain resort in North Korea after intense negotiations between North and South in the hope to restore inter-Korean co-operation.
Many families just hugged and sobbed while others could only stare in disbelief that their loved ones were really before them.
The reunion saw many families reunited and others introduced to relatives they never knew even existed.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

Capital E

my Favorited part of the show  is when they do a singing song they haft to make noise to make the sounds Mr J was in it the noise was like a alien the names were Sepe  Nina and Hannah.It sounded weird feel free to comment on my blog thanks 

Friday, 26 July 2019

school holidays

 school holidays

On a Wednesday, me and my family went to a theme park.
We went inside the theme park the first ride we went on is the scooby doo ride.
The line was so long it took 45 minutes just to get at the front of the line.
But it was worth it there was screens that had monsters on it there was a 
part were the ride go backwards.
There was sharp turns my cousin thought she was gonna fall off the ride.
When we took a look at the Photos my uncle got scared.
The next ride was the joker ride my dad said, “do you know the line takes a
whole hour” i said
“no it doesn't” but my dad was right about that.
The ride was a bit scary my uncle Fainted on the ride there was
loops and bunny hops.
In the end we watched a car show then we had a feed and went home.

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