Wednesday, 16 October 2019

nice and fresh house pool

One tropical day i made a house pool. Intal Anthony came out from his sleep. He jumped into the pool with some food in his hands i said to him “why are you eating in the pool?” he said “im hot and hungry” I said “because you are making a big mess!!!”he didn't listen. He just sat there having a good i said “can i hop in” he said “no you can not you’ll take up all the space in here!!!” so i just walked away 10 minutes later i see Anthony sleeping i wonder,then I gave him a fright then he jumped out.


  1. lol! Kia orana Donte! Great work with using speech marks, question marks and exclamation marks! I wonder how difficult or easy was it to build your house pool? This must've taken you a long time to get this done? Keep proofreading and editing your work! I love your ideas Donte - don't stop writing!

  2. Hi Donte I like your writing about the rock pool nice work. I have a question for you did you like to write about this.

  3. kia ora donte I like your writing but I think you just need to proof read more cause when you said "i wonder" you wonder what