Friday, 26 July 2019

school holidays

 school holidays

On a Wednesday, me and my family went to a theme park.
We went inside the theme park the first ride we went on is the scooby doo ride.
The line was so long it took 45 minutes just to get at the front of the line.
But it was worth it there was screens that had monsters on it there was a 
part were the ride go backwards.
There was sharp turns my cousin thought she was gonna fall off the ride.
When we took a look at the Photos my uncle got scared.
The next ride was the joker ride my dad said, “do you know the line takes a
whole hour” i said
“no it doesn't” but my dad was right about that.
The ride was a bit scary my uncle Fainted on the ride there was
loops and bunny hops.
In the end we watched a car show then we had a feed and went home.

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